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My name is Christopher Robert Houchins and I am currently a senior at Kent State University studying Early Childhood Education. I am extremely excited to start my career as an educator and plan on making the biggest impact possible on the lives of the children I meet!

Taking a Deeper Look at Guided Reading

In my last blog, I addressed the importance of guided reading.  With this blog, I want to take a deeper look at guided reading and analyze an interesting and quite informative video I found on Youtube that shows day one … Continue reading

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The Importance of Understanding the Literacy Needs of Your Classroom

In On Solid Ground: Strategies for Teaching Reading K-3 (2000), Sharon Taberski contends that successful guided reading experiences happen when the teacher is able to cluster students with similar reading needs, select a book that offers the right amount of … Continue reading

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Teaching Comprehension in the Early Years

In the past, many individuals believed that children must learn how to decode before learning comprehension strategies; however, contemporary research contends otherwise.  As Gretchen Owocki explains in Comprehension: Strategic Instruction for K-3 Students (2003), “In kindergarten and first-grade classrooms, a … Continue reading

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Shared Reading for Early and Experienced Readers

During shared reading experiences, teachers read a Big Book or enlarged text, such as a poem or portion of a familiar story, with their students, modeling reading strategies that can be used when reading difficult words independently.  There are numerous … Continue reading

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Supporting Students Through Word Study

The importance of incorporating a daily word study routine into your teaching schedule cannot be overstated.  In contrast to designing activities that require drill and memorization, word study encourages students to actively analyze spelling patterns and letter-sound relationships.  During word … Continue reading

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Always Be Purposeful!

If there is one lesson I have learned throughout my teaching experiences that has made a significant impact on the way I teach and interact with children, it would be to always be purposeful.  The importance of this lesson cannot … Continue reading

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Using the Running Record as a Tool for Teaching

When students engage in reading on a daily basis, they are able to formulate reading strategies, practice strategies learned through shared and guided reading, and gain confidence as readers who are able to read independently.  With daily practice and encouragement, … Continue reading

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